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Angel was the pet wolf of Don Fortunato.[1] Angel witnessed Fortunato punish his men by leaving them in the pit with its whelps.[2] With Spider-Man and Jimmy-6, Angel later confronted the killers sent by Tombstone to eliminate Fortunato.[3]

Angel then was by his side when Fortunato gathered all the New York City crime families in Staten Island.[4] Angel showed his anger to the Rose when he met Fortunato in his Staten Island mansion.[5]

He later witnessed Crown deliver Morbius to Fortunato.[6] Angel was with Fortunato when he ordered Crown to crush Hammerhead after he invaded his sanctuary.[7]Angel then witnessed Fortunato meet the Black Tarantula.[8]

Spider-Man #70 (First appearance)
Spider-Man #71
Spider-Man #74
Spider-Man: Made Men #1

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