Andy was an Angel from Heaven. Part of Seraphim and Cherubim, Inc., he was seeking to gain his wings so traveled to Earth to see if he can help. Andy traveled to Earth and arrived in San Francisco, on Christmas Eve. He landed on the Golden Gate Bridge to find a depressed Howard the Duck who was contemplating suicide.

Andy decided to try and boost Howard confidence and morale by showing him how the lives of its friends would have unfolded if Howard had never came to Earth-616. He showed Howard Earth-83234, visited his friends Paul Same, Arthur Winslow and Beverly Switzler. To Howard's and Andy's horror, all his friends' lives would had been better without him.

Believing that he had failed, and his life was worse than Howard's without his wings, Andy considered suicide himself, but Howard stopped him. Howard decided they should go for a drink rather than kill themselves. This act ironically won Andy his wings because after all it was a successful mission.[2]


  • Reality Manipulation: Andy was able to show Howard the Duck an alternate reality of Earth-83234 where his friends never met him.[2]

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