Andros was not so sure about attacking Peter Parker, because he thought that he was a normal human. Although he defined himself a soldier, under Bramer's orders he repeatedly hit Peter until Peter was bloody, and he only stopped when Peter fainted and Bramer gave the order to go away.[1]
That night, they ambushed Spider-Man at the Multivex and Andros hid in the shadows. When they attacked, he concealed himself in vapor to take Spider-Man by surprise. But Spider-Man grabbed his tail and ripped it easily, putting Andros out of fight.[2]
The day after he had again his tail and captured Peter Parker at Multivex. Distracted by Spider-Man, he was blinded by Peter's web, and then Spider-Man smashed him against Nardi, knocking both out.[3]
Some days after he was in an abandoned factor,y but this time he was severely injured: he was missing his tail and had to stay on a wheelchair. He was caught in the pumpkin bomb's explosion.[4]


Andros was a cyborg with a robot snake tail and robot arms.

Strength level

Andros was very strong; he smashed a wall with a fist and did not harm himself, he also used the tail to strike his opponents.


Andros had a humanoid body until the belt, and under the belt he had a snake shape that replaced his missing legs. He has various cybernetic implants on his body and his head.

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