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Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster was a schemer seeking easy riches and was willing to commit murder to do it. In 1943 he romanced a woman named Chloe who was from a wealth family that left her a fortune and a plantation home in Louisiana. He sought to marry the girl and then murder her in order to inherit her fortune. However, a rival suitor, a deformed man named Gus stood in his way. He managed to convince Chloe that Gus was a pest and she rejected him. Playing into Andrew's hands Gus vowed that if he could not have Chloe nobody would and he then retreated into the bayou.

Andrew then developed a reptile costume which he would use in his scheme and succeeded in marrying Chloe. After the wedding he sneaked away and changed into the Reptile and attacked one of the wedding patrons, telling him to give a warning to all those that he would attack anyone who stayed at the plantation. Sure enough, over the passing days the Reptile struck again and again. Eventually Chloe called in the Human Torch and Toro who agreed to take on the case. Meeting with Andrew and Chloe, the two flaming heroes learned from Andrew that he suspected Gus of being responsible for the attacks. When the Torch and Toro went into the bayou to investigate, Andrew managed to convince his wife that he was going in to help them, but secretly changed into the Reptile again.

There he confronted the two heroes and doused them with mud, extinguishing their flames and sending them falling into a quicksand pit. The Reptile then left them to die while he went to murder Chloe. However, the Torch and Toro were freed by Gus and stopped the Reptile and unmasked him as Andrew and revealed his plot. Andrew was then turned over to the authorities and presumably Chloe divorced him as she soon started a relationship with Gus shortly thereafter.[1]

Andrew's subsequent fate is unknown.


Andrew wore a reptile costume which was armed with a prehensile tail, razor sharp teeth line in it's gator-like mouth, and matching claws on each finger.

Although the Reptile appears in the story that was published in 1947, the Human Torch and Toro relate to their encounter with the Reptile happening "four years ago", placing the Reptile's chronological appearance circa 1943.

Captain America and Bucky would encounter a similar costumed criminal called the Crocodile(Freeman Mosher).

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