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Jock Jackson was a member of a special group of police named Code Blue, who worked to capture the super criminals of New York. Jackson was a specialist in hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics. He stood out in the fight against the Wrecker and his friends. Together with Code Blue, Jackson helped Thor defeat Asgardian creatures and super powered criminals.[1]

Jackson helped Spider-Man and Thunderstrike discover the hideout of Pandara in a warehouse, and bring him to justice, only to sacrifice his life to save Thunderstrike.[2]


Jock Jackson was an expert in karate and was very agile, able to perform very high acrobatic jumps.

Strength level

Great strength


Jock, like all the Code: Blue staff, was equipped with an anti-bullet vest, a helmet and a transmitter-receiver.


He was equipped with various weapons such as explosive grenades, ropes used in rescues, various types of guns, a large machine gun and a Non.

  • Jock has been seen alive in the future of Spider-Girl in Code: Blue.

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