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Andrea Roarke, alias Sunstreak was a fire wielding criminal who once battled Iron Man as part of the Stockpile team.[3]


After the Civil War, she was given the choice of going to prison or joining the 50-State Initiative to be trained at Camp Hammond.[4]

Secret Invasion


Dark Reign

She later joined back the Force of Nature, who was made as part of the Initiative as the Maryland team,[5] and was made leader of the team.[2]

She participated to the sanction-offensive of the Initiative against the seceding Heavy Hitters[2] and later to the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard.[6]

Her status after Osborn's dismiss is unrevealed.[7]

Power Grid [10]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened durability against fire/heat


Sunstreak could fly, and project a 'solar lance' from her hands, which she claimed to be "hotter than the heart of a volcano".[8] While 'powered up', her head was covered by flames.

According to Sunstreak, she can never permanently lower her body temperature to normal. As a result, she would inadvertently smolder playing cards if she held them too long, and had difficulty maintaining intimate contact with another person.[4]

The source of her powers is unknown.

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