Originally a Soviet scientist, Vostok was formed in an unexplained incident involving extra-terrestrial technology. Radically transformed by the encounter, Vostok became a new lifeform of synthetic matter and tech who no longer answered to his previous identity.[1] Vostok became a founding member of the Supreme Soviets, the officially sanctioned super-team of the USSR who replaced the Soviet Super-Soliders. Indeed, his first mission with the Soviets was to retrieve the Super-Soldiers before they defected to the West.[2]

During the Waterwind Incident, Vostok was present while the Avengers, the People's Protectorate and Alpha Flight all tried to stop Russian terrorists from causing a nuclear explosion. The Peace Corpse did succeed in initiating the stolen nuclear warhead.

Shaman was able to shunt the entire area affected by the explosion into his pouch. While lost in the otherdimensional worlds contained in Shaman's pouch, Alpha Flight, the Avengers and the People's Protectorate faced the Combine; an amalgamation of the two leaders of the terrorist group who wanted to create war on earth to promote financial growth. The Combine was eventually won over when the other terrorists joined it and all that was affected by the explosion was returned to earth, leaving the Combine to explore the various dimensions in Shaman's pouch.[3]


He is capable of low-speed flight, has enhanced strength, various scanning abilites and the ability to manipulate any mechanical system.

  • Changed his name from Sputnik (the first unmanned Soviet space mission) to Vostok (first manned Soviet mission) to reflect his growing humanity.

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