As the 12-year-old daughter of Sasha Kravinoff and Sergei Kravinoff, Anastasia Kravinoff (Russian: Анастасия Кравинофф) began to stalk her father's archenemy, Spider-Man, because she blamed him for his suicide.[citation needed]

Tracking Spider-Man to the apartment shared between Peter Parker and Officer Vin Gonzales, she mistakenly kidnapped Vin, believing him to be Spider-Man.[2] Peter returned to the apartment unaware that Vin had been kidnapped, and believed Vin had found a Spider-Man costume in the apartment and figured out Peter's identity. In the sewers, Ana injected Vin with MGH to make him more of a challenge to hunt when Vermin found them both in his territory and attacked them. Unfortunately, Vermin was no match for Ana's superior hunting skills and was ultimately defeated, leaving Ana to get back to her fun of hunting 'Spider-Man' in the sewers. While looking for Vin at his precinct, Peter disguised in one of Daredevil's costumes (which had eyelids to allow him to see) learned that a drug dealer had sold MGH to a young woman who claimed to have captured Spider-Man. Arriving at the dealer's territory, Peter was able to figure out where Vin was being held, running into and fighting Vermin along the way.[3] Spider-Man (as Daredevil) battled Ana with Vin Gonzales and was able to rescue him when Vermin returned and attacked Ana. Although she failed in her hunt of Spider-Man, she brought Vermin home as a trophy for her mother.[4]

Madame Web saw a vision of Ana hunting "spiders", and was eventually captured and held with Mattie Franklin by Ana and Sasha Kravinoff.[citation needed]


Superhuman Strength and Speed: Ana seems to possess some amount of strength and speed due to the fact that she was able to hold her own in fights with Spider-Man and Vermin.[citation needed]


Martial Artist: Ana is a master of Krav Maga[citation needed] and many other armed and unarmed forms of combat[citation needed] and her skill is great enough to easily beat superhuman opponents (like Spider-Man) in one-on-one combat.[citation needed] Her fighting style is highly instinctive and unpredictable in nature.[citation needed] Ana has developed a unique fighting style using great timing and technique to land highly damaging moves to quickly disable her opponents.[citation needed] During combat, she is able to constantly change her rhythm to confuse her opponent.[citation needed] She also mentioned she exposes openings in her defense on purpose to draw in attacks she can counter.[citation needed] Reading her opponents movements she is able to constantly adapt and counter their actions.[citation needed]

Weapons Expert: Ana masters the usage of melee weapons such as swords,[citation needed] axes,[citation needed] staves,[citation needed] clubs,[citation needed] batons,[citation needed] whips[citation needed] and spears.[citation needed] However due to her hunting experience she mostly uses knives.[citation needed]

Master Markswoman: Ana uses all sorts of ranged weaponry during her life. She possesses great accuracy and skill with guns,[citation needed] bow and arrow,[citation needed] crossbows,[citation needed] sniper rifles,[citation needed] blow darts,[citation needed] bolas,[citation needed] throwing spears,[citation needed] throwing nets[citation needed] and boomerangs.[citation needed] She rarely misses her target.[citation needed]

Master Hunter and Tracker: Ana is one of Earth's best hunters.[citation needed] She possesses astonishing tracking abilities and is even able to track Spider-Man across rooftops,[citation needed] furthermore she can pick up her prey's trail from small details in the area.[citation needed] She also has enormous hunting experience, knowing many special hunting methods and animal-specific habits.[citation needed] She also mastered techniques to track and hunt all kinds of superpowered individuals without their notice.[citation needed]

Master Tactician and Strategist: Ana has a brilliant tactical mind and often deploys elaborate traps to surprise her foes. She is able to think several steps ahead and predict the actions of her opponents. Studying her opponents Ana is able to use their own skills, weapons, methods and habits against them. Ana's observatory skills are top-notch and she can patiently wait for hours just to find the perfect moment to strike. Her plots allowed her to outsmart and capture all kinds of superhuman individuals.[citation needed]

Knowledge on Toxicology: She is very familiar with medicine and with exotic poisons, drugs, plants, tranquilizers and their effect on both animal and human anatomy. She has amassed a great knowledge of animal biology and has moderate knowledge about human anatomy as well. Anna can design various poisons with different effects. Using her blowpipe she can quickly inject targets with poison darts.[citation needed]


Her arrogance is a reason of defeat.[citation needed]

  • Given Russian naming conventions Ana's gender would be expressed with a slightly different last name: Kravinova would be a more accurate form given the fact that Slavic languages take into account the speaker's gender.
  • Crystal revealed that Anastasia was Inhuman on her mother Sasha's side of the family.[5]

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