Amy Brewer was engaged to marry Malcolm Codsworth. After the rehearsal of the wedding, the couple was served roast duck but Malcolm was too nervous to eat. Amy died of food poisoning that night.[1] At least, her body did, her mind continued to be aware. Even after she was buried, she was still conscious. Several days after her burial, her anger literally forced her body to move. She escaped her plot and discovered that she could animate the dead.

She decided that it was time she married Malcolm and after some preparations, she kidnapped him and several other residents. X-Factor was called in to investigate after two local police officers were killed when they entered the cemetery. Alpha Flight, on their World Tour '92, accompanied X-Factor. After an initial confrontation when Amy attempted to destroy both teams for disturbing her wedding, Jeanne-Marie was able to convince Malcolm that love was not something that death controlled. The ceremony took place and Amy Brewer died in her husband's arms.[2]


Necromancy: Amy Brewer was a mutant whose powers did not activate until after her death. Her mind did not die at the same time as her body and was aware of her death and autopsy. Once she was buried, she was able to summon up the will to revive her body. Eventually, she was able to control other corpses. Once her anger at dying had finally passed, her powers faded.[2]


Amy's powers were fuelled by her anger, once that faded her powers did as well.[2]

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