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Years ago, a group of Ninja assassins raided the Tiger Dojo and assassinated Master Kee. With his dying breath, he bequeathed the Amulets of Power to his best student, Lin Sun. Lin took the jade tiger's head for himself and gave the tiger's claw amulets to fellow martial artists Bob Diamond and Abe Brown. Channeling the power of the amulets, the three became known as the Sons of the Tiger.[2]

After fighting together on several adventures, the Sons of the Tiger eventually disbanded. Lin Sun discarded the amulets, pitching them into an alleyway, where they were eventually discovered by Hector Ayala. Hector channeled the power of all three amulets to become the White Tiger.[3]

After a short-lived career, Ayala eventually retired as the White Tiger.[4] The amulets fell into the possession of Master Khan, self-proclaimed God of K'un-Lun, who used them to reassemble the full jade tiger statue they were but pieces of. The statue came to life as a full-sized jade tiger, which Khan then rode through a dimensional warp to K'un-Lun.[5]

Somehow, Hector Ayala reclaimed the original amulets and became the White Tiger again for one night. While interrupting a burglary, the thieves fled and a misunderstanding with the police led to Hector being arrested for the murder of the store owner. He was found guilty at trial and fled the courthouse before being shot to death on the front steps of the courthouse. [6]

The Jade Tiger Amulets were eventually handed down to Ayala's niece, Angela del Toro, who became the new White Tiger.[7] However, she was corrupted by the Hand and fell from grace in the hero community.[8] Hector's youngest sister, Ava Ayala, adopted the role of White Tiger after her.[9]


  • By joining hands and reciting the incantation, "When three are called and stand as one, as one they'll fight, their will be done... For each is born anew, The Tiger's Son", Abe Brown, Bob Diamond and Lin Sun were able to mystically channel their martial arts prowess through one another, thereby increasing their strength and prowess. After the Sons of the Tiger disbanded, Hector Ayala - the White Tiger took possession of the amulets and used its supernatural power for himself.

Limitations: Anyone who uses the Amulets for an extended period of time will eventually find themselves physically addicted to its power.



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