Amp was a mutant girl hailing from West Virginia. Despite being a mutant the townspeople accepted her, and she even had a date for the prom and joined the football team. She was separated from her friends in the woods and got cold and hungry, so she tried to send a signal so someone would come and help her. Instead, her mutant power broadcasted her emotion into others, which drove the townspeople hysterical. Wolverine and Kitty Pryde were sent to find her. They were attacked by hysterical townspeople and Wolverine and Kitty were affected too. Kitty, who reached Amp's house, figured everything out, and after calming Wolverine, found her with his help. Logan told her what had happened and offered to take her to a school where she could learn to master her power.[1]

While staying with the X-Men, Siryn visited the school and they were left to take care of Illyana and in the care of Logan, who wanted to watch the game and told them they could do whatever they wanted but they were not allowed to disturb him. The girls entered the Danger Room and activated it. Amp's power didn't affect the robot, and she had to protect Illyana from it. Illyana teleported and accidentally paused the Danger Room for 60 seconds, long enough for the girls to leave. While playing 'spin the secret', Kitty told Amp that she thought Siryn was trying to steal Colossus from her, but Amp told her Siryn must have a boyfriend on Muir Island. Later, with Siryn, Amp revealed that she had a crush on a guy named Dmitri, and was working to ask him out, but Theresa revealed that Dmitri had a crush on her. She showed Amp a note he slipped to her, and said he was scared of Amp. Before she could finish her sentence, Amp became angry, and they got into a fight which led them to break the TV, and make Logan go into one of his berserker rages. He was calmed down by Amp, who revealed that while Kitty and Theresa were worried about their own troubles, she had to handle her own trouble as her looks kept the boys away from her, and she felt no guy would ever want her, and started to cry. Logan. however, comforted her and told her, from his own experience, that if anyone doesn't accept her for who she is, they're not worth keeping as a friend, whether human or mutant, and she is beautiful where it counts. If a dumb bruiser like him recognizes that the law of averages say her Mr. Right out there will too. The next morning Amp and Theresa returned to Muir Island. Theresa apologized to Amp and told her that no stupid boy should stand in the way of their friendship, Amp agreed and said she can have Dmitri, as she has forgotten about him and moved on to a bigger and better prospect. She had a crush on Wolverine now[2]. It's unknown if she was affected by M-Day and what happened to her after.


Empathic Projection: Amp can project her emotions unto others that she can control their emotions in different forms. Her powers are uncontrollable at first.

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