The burning Man-Thing passed Jardine Circus on their way to their winter quarters in Citrusville. Jardine took the near-dead Man-Thing and dumped it in the octopus tank until a habitat was finished for Man-Thing to show it as part of Jardine's freakshow to an audience. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson visited Jardine's freakshow and Parker, who knew Man-Thing, asked Jardine questions about the Man-Thing. They were soon surrounded by Jardine's henchmen and asked to leave. That night Spider-Man stole Man-Thing and his habitat to bring him back to his swamp. Jardine and his henchmen were webbed up by Spider-Man when they entered the exhibition room. Jardine asked the night watchman to shoot Spider-Man, but the watchman quit his job and left because he realized Spider-Man was doing the right thing[1].


None, human.

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