Amos Crawley was Stuart Clarke's lawyer and financial manager. He berated Clarke for his childish behaviour when he found out that he was in debt to the government, his sub-contractors, and to Crawley, and had to declare bankruptcy. Clarke became furious, noting that he had put his heart and soul into Clarke Futuristics and that it was Crawley's fault because he had been handling his finances and had not prepared for the recession. Clarke then fired Crawley, announcing that he'd find a way to pay back his creditors[1].

Having identified Clarke as the armored marauder named Rampage, Crawley contacted the police, who soon appeared outside of Clarke Futuristics and demanded his surrender. After Rampage was injured in the final battle against the Champions, Crawley noted that Clarke had never had a chance to alter his power of attorney status for Clarke Futuristics, and he prepared to move swiftly, sell the company, pay off Clarke's creditors, and escape with a tidy fee for himself[2].

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