The American Museum of Natural History, located at 79th Street and Central Park West, is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world.

Many years ago, Reed Richards and Susan Storm visited the Egyptology exhibit.[1]

Stegron infiltrated the museum and used a stolen "retro-generation ray" that transformed the museum's skeletons back into living, flesh-covered dinosaurs, which he intended to use as his personal army. Spider-Man was able to stop him and the dinosaurs reverted back into skeletons. [2]

At the behest of archaeologist Gladstone Hawkins, the special S.H.I.E.L.D. detachment known as the "Godzilla Squad" lured a then twenty-foot Godzilla into the Museum of Natural History where they had hoped to trap it. Their plan nearly worked and they succeeded in keeping Godzilla somewhat serene, until the arrival of the Fantastic Four. The Thing, always itching for a fight, provoked Godzilla and the two battled one another destroying many of the museum's exhibits.[3]

Kraven the Hunter challenged Spider-Man to a duel inside the museum. Kraven damaged several exhibitions and skeletons during their battle but was eventually defeated and arrested.[4]

The criminal Batroc and his Brigade broke into the Museum to steal the bones of Ulysses Bloodstone, to deliver them to his employer, Baron Zemo.[5]

Stegron later launched a second attack from the museum, this time using the powers of a mysterious asteroid to amplify the bestial aggression of everyone in the city, especially those with animal-based powers.[6] Large portions of the museum were once again destroyed.

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