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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 74


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 74

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Quote1 What we have here is a failure to communicate! Quote2
-- Spider-Man[1]

Appearing in "If This Be Bedlam!"Edit

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Synopsis for "If This Be Bedlam!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Silvermane has demanded that Curt Connors assist in deciphering the tablet that he has stolen. Connors is locked in the room with the Kingpin's henchman Wilson. The stress of the whole episode causes Curt to begin to change into the Lizard, a transformation he can suppress with great difficulty.

When Silvermane's mouthpiece Caesar Cicero kidnaps the Connors family, Spider-Man tracks him down and fights off his Maggia thugs. However Cicero manages to escape and when he sets off a bomb in his hideout, he (incorrectly) believes Spider-Man to be dead. Resuming his identity of Peter Parker because he has to attend class, Peter is distant to everyone who tries to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Connors and Wilson have cracked the secret of the tablet, and provided what Silvermane seeks: A potion which will reverse the aging process and make him a young man once more. When Silvermane ingests the potion he passes out. When Marko believes that Connors really poisoned Silvermane, he is about to pummel the scientist when suddenly Silvermane rises announcing that the potion worked. Marko looks over his shoulder and sees that Silvermane has been reduced in age to a man in his prime.

This story is continued next issue...

  • The technique that Spider-Man picks up a newspaper on Page 4 mirrors a similar stunt done in Amazing Spider-Man #6. Coincidentally, both issues involved the Lizard.

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