Quote1 Eat your heart out, Gwendolyn! This time little Mary Jane's in the spotlight! Quote2
-- Mary Jane Watson

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Synopsis for "The Brand of the Brainwasher!"Edit

On his way to go see his Aunt May in the hospital, Spider-Man is attempted to be apprehended by police, but manages to get away. Finding out which room his Aunt May is in and switching back to his civilian guise, he goes and visits her. When the doctor reminds him that he's been a missing person for days, Peter goes to the police station. There he tells them that he was kidnapped by Spider-Man, who had amnesia and was tricked into being partners with Dr. Octopus, and that when he caught Peter taking pictures he took him hostage, and then later let him go when his memory returned (a partial truth of the real situation.) He is then reunited with Gwen and later meets with the rest of his friends.

They decide to go and check out a night club where Mary Jane has taken up a job as a go-go dancer. However, the club is a criminal front where a Dr. Winkler's brainwashing techniques are being utilized to further a criminal organization. They give Mary Jane a special camera that briefly puts people under their control so that they go in back and get brain washed.

When this is done to Captain George Stacy, Gwen begins to worry about her father when he doesn't return from getting fresh air. Peter, also finding it suspicious decides to go look for him -- but as Spider-Man. Spidey goes in back and catches Winkler in the process of brainwashing George Stacy, but before Spider-Man can stop him, he's grabbed by Winkler's employer: The Kingpin.

This story is continued next issue....

  • credits:
    • Produced by Stan (The Man) Lee and Johnny (Ring-a-Ding) Romita
    • Enchantment by......Don Heck
    • Embellishment by...Mickey Demeo
    • Lettering by......Artie Simek
    • Peter's Wardrobe......Forbush Fashions. Inc.

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