Quote1 Well, I never thought I'd say this...Spider-Man's gonna save me! Quote2
-- Peter Parker in Daredevil costume

Appearing in "Kraven's First Hunt, Part Three: Legacy"Edit

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Synopsis for "Kraven's First Hunt, Part Three: Legacy"Edit

Vermin and Spider-Man (dressed in Daredevil's costume) are fighting. Vermin is wounded and Spider-Man sees this so he is able to talk to Vermin and calm him down. Vin (dressed in Spider-Man's costume) is hiding from the girl and attacks her they start fighting and then Spider-Man shows up and kicks her in the face they start fighting. Spider-Man throws Vin a Web-Shooter and he covers the girl. She rips it off in a matter of seconds and beats up on Spider-Man. Vin hits her over the back of the head with a pipe. Then Vermin attacks her and Spider-Man and Vin run. Later, Vin is in the hospital and Harry, Carlie, Lily, and Peter who cut his face shaving or so they say. They leave and then Spider-Man appears to explain what happened (though he also uses a cover story so Vin doesn't figure out that he and Peter Parker are the same person). Vin punches him and Spider-Man leaves. It shows the girl at her house. Vermin has been captured and a woman is walking towards her. We find out the girl is Ana Kravinoff, the daughter of Kraven.

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