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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 565


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 565

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Appearing in "Kraven's First Hunt, Part One: To Squash a Spider!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Kraven's First Hunt, Part One: To Squash a Spider!"Edit

Spider-Man wakes up hanging upside down in chains. There is a young woman standing in front of him. They seem to be in a Sewer. Cut back to 2 weeks ago. Spider-Man & Daredevil are fighting Fracture. They K.O. him with minimum difficulty. The girl is watching him. She follows Spider-Man home. His Spider-Sense starts up and he leaves but reveals the place. In a penthouse the girl is looking Peter Parker up on a database. 1 week later, Peter is working at a comic store with another man. Suddenly arrows start hitting the books and Peter gets the guy out of their and tells him he is a skrull to ease suspicion. 1 week later, Vin his on suspension for shooting a dealer he didn't shoot. Peter has a subpoena to attend the trial of Maxwell vs. Spider-Man. Vin is hit by a car while crossing the street. The next day, Harry and Vin are shooting pool when Peter walks in. Vin loses and is upset and leaves. Somebody enters Peter and Vin's apartment and is ambushed and told to put on a Spider-Man uniform. The unknown person is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a sewer hanging upside down chained up. Spider-Man falls down and the girl takes off his mask to show it is Vin Gonzales.

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