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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 557


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 557

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Quote1 And I've been to Burning Man eight times, all right? Little time-bending don't bother me none. Quote2
-- Vern

Appearing in "Dead of Winter"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dead of Winter"Edit

After killing one Mayan guy (the other two killed themselves), Benjamin Rabin was given awesome powers (according to him). In order to merge completely with Wayep and become the Mayan god-king, Kuhul Ajaw, Rabin needs to murder (or in his terminology, sacrifice) a woman. Carlie Cooper is the only woman working in the police station at the time. Meanwhile Spider-Man (Peter Parker) saves one "friend" of Rabin's from Wayep. Spider-Man tries to call the Precinct via pay phone, but no one's available to take his call. So Rabin and Spider-Man meet up at the sacrifice site and when things are looking bad, the homeless man, Vern, shows up with his reinforcements that he mentioned last issue. With their help Spidey gets the Wayep under wraps as the deranged Rabin is thwarted by the ever-flowing river of time. The Mayan god-king can only bond with a mortal during Uayep, a specific Mayan period of time, which just ended.

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