Quote1 Like wow! Just dig that craaaazy keyhole, Tiger! I've heard of air-conditioning... but this is ridiculous! Quote2
-- Mary Jane Watson, commenting on the hole that Doctor Octopus tore into the side of Aunt May's house.

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  • Doc Ock's "Power Maintenance" truck
  • Convoy cars

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Continued from last issue... Wanting to get revenge on Doctor Octopus for putting his Aunt May in the hospital, Spider-Man begins tracking down the various lairs of his henchmen to try and locate his enemy. Doctor Octopus appears on a monitor screen and taunts Spider-Man that he will not be caught before he launches his latest scheme. Returning to his civilian guise, Peter visits his Aunt May in the hospital, then goes with Mary Jane to his aunts home to assess the damage, when they're joined by Gwen Stacy. Later that night, Doctor Octopus attacks a shipment of a new weapon nullifier device being transported by the military. When Parker is nowhere to be found, Jameson has his home called even though it's 3:00 in the morning, the call is not received very well by Harry Osborn. When Peter tries to stop Doctor Octopus from stealing the device, they fight across a lab owned by Stark Industries. The fight is ultimately ended when Dr. Octopus uses the device on Spider-Man, causing him to be struck with amnesia. Deciding to capitalize on this good fortune, Doctor Octopus convinces Spider-Man that he is a criminal in the employ of Doctor Octopus.

This story is continued next issue...

  • Spider-Man's remark about never decisively beating Doc Ock is incorrect, as they have battled numerous times with Spider-Man coming out on top on at least half of the battles. If anything, it's the Green Goblin that Spidey's never decisively beaten (and the other way around).

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