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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 53


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 53

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Quote1 Don't get your gums in an uproar, Mallet-Head! I was just reading your column to get my laugh for the day! Where do you get the nerve to call your rag a newspaper? Who's been writing your stuff these days--the Brothers Grimm?!! Anyone who pays a dime for that scandal sheet oughtta get eleven cents change! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Enter: Dr. Octopus"Edit

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  • Professor Warren's car

Synopsis for "Enter: Dr. Octopus"Edit

Once again, J. Jonah Jameson has managed to distort the facts, making himself and Fred Foswel out to be heroes and Spider-Man a villain. Harry is tired of being Peter's “answering service”. Peter asks Gwen Stacey to accompany him to a science symposium with Professor Warren and she says yes. At the symposium, Doctor Octopus attacks and steals a device called a “nullifier”, a device designed as missile defense. Peter changes to Spider-Man and attacks Octopus. Spider-Man rescues the Nullifier, and Octopus escapes, but not before Spider-Man places a spider-tracer on him. After reliving how he escaped from certain death the last time they fought, Octopus finds the tracer, and plots to set a trap for Spider-Man. Later, at a local hangout, Peter wonders why Harry looks so angry , but before he can dwell on it too much, Aunt May comes in and tells him that she and Anna Watson are going to rent out an extra room in Anna's house. Doctor Octopus sets his trap for Spider-Man, drawing him in, but Peter's spider sense alerts him that something is wrong and he avoids the bomb Octopus had left for him. Believing Spider-Man to be dead, Octopus decides to hide low for awhile.

  • credits:
    • When you finish applauding, send your thank-you notes to: Smilin' Stan Lee and Jazzy Johnny Romita
    • Come to think of it, Mickey Demeo embellisher, and Artie Simek, Letterer, might like to hear from you too!
  • references: Amazing Spider-Man #33

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