Quote1 I have to go make the world safe for truth and justice and like that. Hope I didn't infringe on any copyrights with that line! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The Gathering of Five part 2 of 5: A Hot Time in the Old Town"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Gathering of Five part 2 of 5: A Hot Time in the Old Town"Edit

Spider-Man is tracking Molten Man as he tears a path across the city. When he first encounters Molten Man, he appears to be in a trance, walking directly in a straight line through anything that stands in his way. Molten Man walks through a wall and activates the building's sprinkler system. As the water hits him, it turns in to scalding hot steam and Spider-Man must clear out the building instead of continuing his pursuit. Once the civilians are safe, Spider-Man returns only to find that the Molten Man is gone.

Spider-Man gets a map and traces Molten Man's path. He decides the best way to find him is to start at where Molten Man's line ends, and backtrack from there.

At the end of Molten Man's path is Joe Robertson and a woman named Alison. The two of them are on the run, having escaped France on a boat during the night. Alison appears to be Molten Man's target. Molten Man knocks out Joe and corners Alison. Just as he's about to deliver the killing blow, Spider-Man swings in and kicks him in the back of the head. The two battle, eventually falling through a pier and in to the Atlantic. Spider-Man narrowly escapes getting caught up in a ship's propellers, but Molten Man seems to have disappeared again.

Meanwhile, Norman Osborne is seen scheming. he's gathering together artifacts that, when put together, will give him power.

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