Quote1 He must had a pepperoni pizza for lunch, because there's a distinctive aroma about him that can't be missed. Quote2
-- Daredevil

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Spider-Man is fighting dinosaurs. He saves a child, but is attacked by a Pterodactyl. A young woman, Angela Bradford (aka Synario), is seen fleeing the scene. As soon as she leaves, the tropical jungle and dinosaurs fade away, leaving Spider-Man baffled in an office building. As Synario, Angela has constructed a device that creates Mobile Virtual Reality scenarios that she can control and has been using it to steal.

Daredevil, using his enhanced senses, locks on and trails Synario. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is confronted with a volcano erupting in the middle of NYC! He goes to investigate, finding Daredevil there. Clearly the volcano is a VR construct made by Synario. Daredevil seems unaffected by the device (because he's blind), but Spider-Man is not. Synario uses the device to trick Spider-Man in to fighting Daredevil. To Spider-Man, Daredevil appears to be a giant evil robot.

The two finally team up when Daredevil tells Spider-Man that he told him about his Spider Sense once. Daredevil asks Spider-Man if his spider sense is tingling, which it wasn't leading Spider-Man to believe that Daredevil was who he said. During the struggle, Synario has had her device stolen. Fortunately, Daredevil is easily able to take down the assailant and capture the device.

With Synario in custody and the device destroyed, Spider-Man swings away leaving Daredevil to handle the police.


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