Quote1 The Super Hero Union only requires me to deliver one last minute rescue per customer! Quote2
-- Peter Parker (Earth-616)

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Spider-Man swings through the city on what seems to be a quiet night. During his patrol, he happens on a young man being mugged in park. After stopping the mugging, Spider-Man swings away unaware that the man he just saved was in fact Synch from Generation X.

As Synch walks away, musing about how his powers wouldn't have helped him without another mutant around to "synch" powers with, we see Plantman. Plantman uses his powers over plants to infect Synch with a body and mind altering spore! Hulked up and mindless, Synch begins terrorizing the park. Spider-Man returns and the two begin to fight. Before the fight can be decided one way or the other, the ground opens up and swallows Synch. Spider-Man follows.

Once underground, Spider-Man is hit with the same spore that got Synch. The result is Peter Parker's transformation in to an actual spider-like creature! He manages to maintain his human intellect though.

In his new form, Spider-Man confronts and attacks Plantman. Rather than fight him head on, Plantman summons creatures of soil and root to do his dirty work. Spider-Man fights them and comes out on top. It's at this moment that Synch breaks free, having regained control of his mind. He synchs with Spider-Man and adopts his powers temporarily. Together, the two chase down and subdue Plantman.

Spider-Man attempts to get the antidote for the transformation, but Plantman resists. Spider-Man tosses him in to his own tranformation spore plants, forcing Plantman to mutate as well. Rather than stay a freak, Plantman reveals the antidote. Once Spider-Man and Synch are back to normal, Synch saves some antidote for Plantman. Spider-Man swings away after a successful team-up while Synch guards Plantman and waits for his Generation X teammates to show up.

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