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Stiffed by the New World Order (in Hulk #458, '97), Mr. Hyde comes to Manhattan to track them down and get the money owed him. Peter, MJ, Marina, Shantal, and Dante visited a hospitalized Jill Stacy (shot in SM #87, '98) where Chesbro spies on them. Later, Peter and MJ attend Robbie's retirement party, which has some tension between Jonah and Robbie. Martha announces that she and Joe are going to sail the Aegean Sea on a second honeymoon, which is Robbie's idea. Peter spots Hyde's alter ego Calvin Zabo checking into the hotel. Having left his costume at home, Peter grabs Phil Urich's hooded sweatshirt to hide his face and investigates. Instead, he ends up in a brawl with Hyde that leads right into the party. Hyde finally decides his opponent is his old partner, the Cobra, and eventually withdraws, right into the waiting police force. Peter changes back into his suit and hands Jonah photos of the fight. Later, MJ tells Peter she has no problem with him playing hero but worries about him remaining Spider-Man with the bounty on his head. She suggests they come up with a whole new identity.

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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