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Peter has a nightmare about Otto Octavius returning from the dead. Dr. Octopus (Carolyn Trainer) looks for information on where Otto's body was taken. In a meatpacking plant, Master Zei tells the Rose that the body can be resurrected but requires that someone else's life-force be transferred into it. Carolyn recruits Angelina Brancale, transforming her back into Stunner, and locates the Master Programmer computer wizard in case she needs to reboot Otto's mind. Contemplating selling her knowledge of Norman Osborn's activities, Alison Mongrain considers contacting the Parkers. Carolyn and Stunner raid Rose's base where the True Believers and Delilah attack them. Spidey joins the mix only to have everyone gang up on him. He is eventually knocked out by a drug-tipped throwing star and awakens to find he is the life-force sacrifice needed to reanimate Octavius' corpse.

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