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Spider-Man is determined to avenge his humiliation by Electro, who is proving far more of a headache to the Rose than the boon he had hoped. Peter's increasing headaches and constant aspirin-popping aggravate his ulcer while Joe and Martha Robertson argue about the dangers of his job. Electro, tired of being put down, concocts a plan to blackmail the city with an electrical bomb. Spidey recruits X-Man to help against Electro. Rose hires Master Zei & the True Believers and sends an anonymous note to the Bugle telling Spidey where to find Electro. Spidey, in a new insulated suit, and X-Man confront Electro at Con Ed's central switching generator. The True Believers snatch a body from Cypress Hills cemetery. Angered by the battle, Electro decides to blow up the five boroughs. Spidey interferes when Electro taps into the electrical force causing him to overload. Spidey tries to save him but Electro, having learned his foe is hung up on responsibility, chooses to instill guilt by intentionally falling into the East River where he explodes. Elsewhere, Dr. Octopus learns that grave robbers stole Otto Octavius' body.

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