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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 422


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 422

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Appearing in "Exposed Wiring"Edit

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Synopsis for "Exposed Wiring"Edit

Electro is strapped into an electric chair. Elsewhere, Det. Lewis questions Fortunato, prompting him to later contact the Rose. At ESU, Professor Howard pairs Peter up with Paul Stacy. Elsewhere, Dragonfly trains under Madame Qwa. Fortunato and Rose agree to team up against Tarantula. MJ tells her therapist she sometimes thinks she lost her baby because she wasn't good enough. On a yacht in the Aegean, Alison Mongrain calls Norman Osborn about the "project" she has undertaken. Hoping to bond with the electrical force, Electro tells Delilah to throw the electric chair switch. Tarantula issues a contract, to Madame Qwa, on "an old colleague of mine," Joe Robertson. Meanwhile, Delilah introduces the Rose to the "all-new, supremely powerful, and super-charged Electro."

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