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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 420

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Appearing in "'Twas a Night Before Christmas..."Edit

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Synopsis for "'Twas a Night Before Christmas..."Edit

The still-alive Uno escapes from police custody. Learning this and hoping for payback, Delilah searches for him. Meanwhile, Peter finds a pair of boots perfect for Mary Jane's Christmas present, and lucks into two assignments that will enable him to buy them. The first is to photograph the new Washington Square Park street prophet, X-Man. Nate senses who Peter is and they head off for a private chat, where he lectures Nate on invading people's minds—especially his. After an exchange of origins, Nate accompanies Spidey on his next assignment where they get to know each other. Elsewhere, Uno finds Delilah and they fight. Peter gets a bonus from the Bugle, buys the boots, and invites Nate home for Christmas Eve dinner. Meanwhile, Delilah maneuvers Uno into an explosion of a gasoline truck. As a return for dinner, Nate gives Peter a dream about Aunt May to reassure him over the loss of the baby. Later, Black Tarantula receives a Christmas gift from the Rose: a wreath made of roses and El Uno's head.

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