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  • Don Fortunato (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV, or Hologram only)
  • Hammerhead (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV, or Hologram only)

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Synopsis for "Beware the Black Tarantula"Edit

The Black Tarantula seeks to extend his influence into New York. Ben Urich learns the Tarantula is selling a million dollars in smuggled emeralds to the Rose, who plots to use the sale as a way to double-cross Tarantula. At the Parker house, Mary Jane finally manages to paint over the nursery. Anna Watson, who has moved in with Peter and MJ, inspires her to return to college. Peter contemplates going back too as he heads out to find leads on the Tarantula. Discovering where the buy is taking place, he calls Ben and heads to the Stockbridge Shipping Pier. There, Delilah and the Rose's men confront the incredibly strong El Uno, believed by all to be Tarantula. Tarantula's men attack in an ambush. Spidey weighs in as Uno battles Delilah, whose satchel contains a bomb instead of money. As Delilah escapes and Spidey saves Ben, the exploding bomb apparently kills Uno. Later, Tarantula's servant, Chesbro, informs his master of Uno's failure. Tarantula is not pleased.

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