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Assassin-for-hire Delilah eliminates Don Vito Torrancio and his men, then receives her next assignment: Garon Lewis. Elsewhere, Ben checks on an unconscious Peter in the hospital since his collapse (in SM #70, '96). Dr. Curt Connors has no answers for MJ. Joe Robertson visits and tells MJ that JJJ has disappeared. Ben goes to work and Shirley blasts him in frustration over her ex-husband Garon Lewis. Her fears that Garon's up to something prompt Ben to spy on him and Devon in Central Park. There, Delilah attacks with a bomb in a baby carriage. Spidey saves Garon and then follows him into the sewer when he chases Delilah. At the Bugle, Robbie breaks down JJJ's office door to find the room ransacked. The sewer confrontation ends when Delilah captures Devon and trades his life for her freedom, but not before giving up Hammerhead as her employer. Spidey learns that Garon is actually a detective on Task Force Seven, a special unit devoted to organized crime. Meanwhile Delilah reports to her real employer, the Rose, who is pleased with Delilah's work in siccing Lewis on Hammerhead's trail.

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