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While Ben discovers that Seward is somehow involved in the assault on his life (SM #68, '96), Liz Osborn wonders why huge amounts of capital have been pumped into lesser Osborn subsidiary, Multivex (PPSSM #234, '96). She puts her step brother Mark Raxton, the Molten Man, on the trail but Spidey, arriving with Peter, attacks him. Their Multivex battle crashes into a lab exposing Seward and Gaunt (SenSM #5, '96). Raxton and Spidey fight against Multivex security while Seward readies Gaunt's regeneration chamber. Spidey gets his chance to confront Seward, but Gaunt gasses him after knocking out Raxton. Peter gives up when Mary Jane, coming down to warn him about Multivex after talking to Liz, gets captured. When Gaunt enters the chamber, Peter creates a diversion so Spidey can free himself and Raxton. The regenerator goes critical, and the good guys manage to escape before it blows, all except Seward who apparently dies with Gaunt. However, both men still live and Gaunt accuses Seward of sabotaging the machine. Their boss, concealed in shadow, interrupts their argument. He has secretly built a criminal empire for years and can't allow Spidey and Pete to endanger it.

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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