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Using the stolen D.l.T. chip, Mysterio starts MysteryVision, a TV network that turns its viewers into zombie-like addicts. Mysterio tricks the investigating Spider-Man into donning a helmet that slips adhesive film-like image-receivers onto his eye-lenses (SenSM #1, '96), making him see whatever Mysterio desires; including a sudden blizzard that freezes his web-shooters so that he knocks himself out. At Ryker's, Armada's robots help him escape. Spidey revives and sees the Jagged Skulls menacing two Blades members, Jamie and Shakim. Jamie flees, leaving Shakim to his fate but Spidey intervenes. Suddenly, Mysterio's image-receivers make the Skulls appear as monsters and Spidey knocks them all out. Other Skull members arrive, joined by Armada who wants to assist in Spidey's execution. The Skulls and Armada attack as Shakim watches from an alley. Jamie, joining him, suggests they kill the Skulls while Spidey fights them. Instead, Shakim cold cocks Jamie and distracts Armada long enough for Spidey to rip off the front of his armor. The resulting explosion knocks Armada out and cracks the image-receivers, which Spidey removes. Shakim decides to quit the gang. Spidey tells the webbed-up Jamie to inform the gangs that Shakim is under his protection.

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