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The Scarlet Spider's reputation destroyed by Dr. Octopus, Ben assumes the identity of Spider-Man (SpSS #2, '95), dyes his hair blond so he won't be recognized as Peter Parker, and gets a job at the Daily Grind coffee shop (SenSM #0, '96). With the Bugle headlining "Whatever Happened to Spider-Man?" the Human Torch sky-writes a meeting request at their usual spot (the Statue of Liberty), while Silver Sable, curious if Spidey is a different man in the costume, has her agents track him. Elsewhere, Mysterio toys with his newly-stolen Digital Imagery Transmission chip (SenSM #0, '96) that converts his brainwaves into digitized illusions. Meanwhile, Ben, heading to the Torch meeting, spots Sable and Sandman. Unaware that Sandy has reformed, he confronts him as Spidey and they battle. Across town, Jessica Carradine develops the pictures she took of Spider-Man (SenSM #0, '96). On Liberty Island, the Torch, seeing the Spider-Sandy fracas, joins in until Silver, satisfied that this is a different Spider-Man, ends the fight. The Torch demands answers of this "fourteen carat phony" but Spidey tells him to shove off. Alone again, Spidey realizes heroing has gotten a lot more complicated.

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