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Spider-Man takes the Jackal, shot by the Punisher, to his lab, placing him in a regeneration tank (WoSM #127, '95). When Ben arrives and tries to console him, Peter lashes out. Spidercide steps in and pummels Ben while Kaine releases the now-healed Jackal. Kaine has supported Peter and tormented Ben because he wanted a clone to triumph over the original and blames the Jackal for revealing the 'truth." However, the Jackal gains Kaine's support by promising to cure his degeneration process. Soon, the Jackal, Ben, Peter, Kaine, and Spidercide come together with Ben attacking the Jackal. Peter pulls Ben off while Kaine strikes him. Wandering off, Spidercide meets Scrier who touches his forehead, apparently instilling a sense of purpose in him. Scoffing at Kaine's gullibility, the Jackal refuses to help him, ordering Spidercide to kill him, and calling him a "worthless walking heap of genetic trash." Hurt, Kaine trudges off. With Peter standing by in spite of his doubts, Spidercide tosses Ben into a room filled with dozens of Spider-Man clones.

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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