Quote1 I thought hassles about guys with long hair went out with the 60's! Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for "Emerald Rage!"Edit

Doc Samson and Spider-Man fight the Green Goliath Hulk in Washington Square Park. On the set of Secret Hospital, Mary Janes smoking leads to her scene being cut. May Parker hires a private detective to find out if Richard and Mary Parker are actually who they claim to be or not.

  • Then-current Incredible Hulk writer Peter David was annoyed by the story that took place in this issue and the previous one, particularly by the notion that the Hulk was flying around using commercial airlines and a passport at a time in his own series he had access to the Pantheon's resources and air vehicles and was a wanted fugitive by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Because of this, in Incredible Hulk #413, David had Doc Samson imply this adventure with Spider-Man and the Hulk was just a bizarre dream.[1]

  • Mary Jane's character "Sybil" on Secret Hospital doesn't smoke.

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