Quote1 Carnage has apparently mutated, but he began as a spawn of our symbiotic costume -- and may still possess the same vulnerabilities! And we always found Reed Richards's sonic gun rather... unpleasant. Quote2
-- Venom

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Part 7 of "Maximum Carnage" Spider-Man, Black Cat, Cloak and Venom regroup at the orphanage where Kletus Cassidy grew up. Spider-Man believes they may find a clue to defeating Carnage in his old orphanage. Venom volunteers that Carnage may share his particular vulnerabilities - namely sonics and fire. Spider-man indicates that the Fantastic Four (who have a sonic gun) are out of town. He indicates however, that Firestar may be a good substitute for Human Torch. While lamenting that it may be difficult to find her on such short notice, Cloak teleports away to look for her. Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Venom go out on patrol. Meanwhile, Morbius the Living Vampire, follows up leads on Shriek by locating her file at the mental institution she escaped from. Elsewhere, Shriek, Doppleganger, Carnage, and Demogoblin kill indescriminately. Demogoblin expresses reservations about wanton chaos, he laments his desire to kill "sinners." Coming under assault by New York Police officers, the quartet recieve help from a new visitor. The decaying touch deliverer - Carrion. As the quintet proceed to wipe out the remaining officers, Carnage extends an invitation to Carrion to join their "club." Meanwhile, the cyborg Deathlok cruises the information superhighway looking for leads on the violence. Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat observe ordinary citizens displaying excessive violence and agression. Deathlok breaks up the Carnage crew's mayhem. He then successfully resists Carrion's touch, as he has little organic matter. He obliterates Demogoblin's fire glider and comes under fire from Shreik. As he kicks Doppleganger off of him, Shriek nails him with a direct his which launches him into a neon sign, receiving a severe electrical shock. Incapacitated, he can only watch helplessly as Carnage moves in for the kill. Meanwhile, Venom, Spider-Man, and Black Cat have successfully broken into Four Freedom's Plaza to steal the FF's sonic gun. They then re-group at the boy's home. When Cloak arrives with Firestar in tow, and with Spider-Man brandishing Reed Richard's sonic gun, Spider-Man proudly declares that Carnage and his ilk will not be able to stand up to the science on their side. Ironically, the final panel cuts away to Deathlok, tied up with an electrical cable being electrocuted.

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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