Quote1 The liver? Good choice! We'll have it first! With a nice Chianti...! Quote2
-- Venom

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Eddie Brock stands seemingly alone on the abandoned grounds of the Thrill World amusement park. He begins speaking, proclaiming his need to be in top physical condition for his "mission." To test his condition, Eddie attempts to lift an enormously heavy piece of metal. He is unable to, but as he strains against its great weight, his symbiote takes shape and quickly covers his body. As he becomes VENOM, he tosses the enormous piece of debris across the park, crying out "We will kill Spider-Man." VENOM observes a newspaper article detailing Peter Parker's reunion with his parents. VENOM remarks coarsely that such a reunion must not be allowed to last. Meanwhile, Peter is ice-skating in Central Park with his parents. Observing how impressed they are with Peter's uncanny balance and seemingly incredible skill on skates, Peter immediately imitates a clumsy fall, fearing they would suspect him as Spider-Man. Mary Jane whispers to him that he need not try so hard, that just looking into his parents eyes will reveal how much they love him. Richard Parker indicates he is fatigued, he attributes this to the strain that prison life has put on him (he is referencing the decade or so that he and his wife supposedly spent in a Russian prison). They break breifly, and join Aunt May on the sidelines. They ask her if she wishes to attempt to skate. She indicates that she is too old now and says that Peter has to go to the Daily Bugle. Peter agrees and says goodbye to his family. He changes into Spider-Man so he can websling to his destination quickly. After watching Spidey swing away, Mary Jane lights a cigarette she pulls from her purse. She indicates she only does it to relieve stress and she's intending to quit after Mary Parker expresses her concern and disapproval of the abysmal habit. Peter arrives at the Bugle but learns that there are no assignments for him. After hearing that VENOM has escaped federal custody, Peter leaves quickly to begin to hunt for his arch-foe. After he leaves, J. Jonah Jameson contacts SILVER SABLE and hires her WILD PACK to track VENOM, believing that a story is brewing. On the roof of the Bugle, Peter changes into Spider-Man and worries about the obvious danger to his family that VENOM poses. True to Spider-Man's fears, Eddie Brock has indeed located Peter's family. He approaches Peter's parents and asks if they are his parents. They reply in the affirmative and, smiling, inquire of his relationship with Peter - assuming that he is a friend of Peter's. Eddie responds "well...not exactly." Spider-Man arrives and Eddie quickly changes into VENOM, proclaiming he intends to protect Peter's parents. He tackles Spider-Man, saying, "Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!" He grabs Spider-Man's arms and throws him through a wall. Before Spider-Man can recover, VENOM knocks him across the street and into a car. This occurs in the middle of a parade. Spider-Man resolves to take VENOM down quickly to avoid risk of injury to anyone in the parade. He attacks the villain with a powerful blow. VENOM shrugs off the blow, and retaliates, knocking Spider-Man into the air. The battle rages on, decidedly in VENOM's favor, until a police officer shoots at VENOM. VENOM webs the policeman's face, obstructing his air-flow. Spider-Man successfully knocks VENOM away and rips the webbing off of the policeman's face. VENOM immediately recovers and assaults Spidey from behind. Reeling from the blow, Spider-Man flies through a window into a local mall. Spider-Man attempts to hide, to prevent a fight which could injure civilians. VENOM pursues Spider-Man and approaches a clown and a group of children. The clown begs VENOM not to harm the children. VENOM indicates he would never harm "such innocent little angels..." but continues to approach the children. The clown, to protect the children, sprays mace into VENOM's face. Enraged, VENOM savagely knocks out the clown. Spider-Man sees this, and fears for the children, he attacks savagely, striking VENOM several times. VENOM catches Spidey's final punch and strikes him rapidly in the face, knocking the hero unconscious. When Spidey awakens, a witness informs him that VENOM intends to "harm Spider-Man even more." Instantly realizing that VENOM intends to attack his family, Spider-Man rouses and moves with incredible speed back to his family. When he arrives, VENOM has already kidnapped Peter's parents, leaving Mary Jane and Aunt May behind.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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