Quote1 Gee, Spidey, you're pretty darn talkative for a corpse! Quote2
-- Johnny Storm

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Spider-Man and Johnny Storm are heading towards the deserted Caribbean Island where Venom had retired after which, he thought that he had killed Spider-Man. The reason they were going to meet this powerful foe of Spider-Man is because an even more powerful foe has been terrorizing the city of New York, by killing many of innocent people. Spider-Man brought with him a sonic gun because the symbiote suits are suceptible to sound. After the first confrontation between Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, Eddie doesn't believe that this is the real Spider-Man. He still attacks him and starts to turn into Venom.

Spider-Man shoots the sonic gun at Eddie making his symbiote go haywire. Eddie though still hits Spider-Man, breaking the sonic gun he was holding. The Human Torch shoots a ring of fire around Venom, but he retaliates by making his symbiote go under the sand and under the ring of fire, and hits Johnny Storm into the water and tries to drown him. Johnny however uses his nova flame and destroys the solidified symbiote holding him underwater allowing Spider-Man enough time to flee and go to an abandoned village on the island.

Venom follows him and colors himself white to disguise himself as a cloud when he comes down to attack Spider-Man. Venom lifts a bulldozer and is about to drop it on Spider-Man, when Johnny comes and shoots him with the sonic gun on the Fantasti-car. With the Venom Symbiote not fully intact Peter Parker uses this opportunuty to talk to Venom about Carnage and how hes murdering innocent people, Venom starts to listen.

Two men are thrown through the door of Robert Sutcliff, owner of the Glass-and-Steel Sanctuary. Out pops Carnage from the doorway. Robert shoots at Carnage and has a glass dome close around him and exits through the door. Carnage jumps at him and points out the strength of the glass. By pointing out that it would be impossible for any weapon known to man to destroy it, and that he is not a man anymore, so he makes two solidified claws pop out of his hand and destroys the glass with ease. Robert tries to leave in a helicopter only to have Carnage grab hold of it and throw it off the roof to have it explode. Carnage then makes a web out of his hand and swings away.

Eddie Brock tells Spider-Man and Johnny Storm of how his counterparts asexual reproduction, and that it had reproduced without his knowing. Despite their differences, and Venom's hate for Spider-Man, they still team up with eachother to try and stop Carnage.

Carnage is seen swinging into one of his murder scenes to get clothing and watch television. After yelling at the TV Cletus suggests he makes a sandwich. While this is going on, Spider-Man, The Human Torch, and Venom are making their way to the city to find Carnage. Eddie Brock compliments Johnny Storm and tells him he did an article about the Fantastic Four when he worked for The Daily Globe. Johnny however tells Spider-Man that he has a serious schizophrenic problem. Johnny had to leave and attend to his own problems with the Fantastic Four, so he dropped off Spider-Man and Venom in the city. Venom also tells Spider-Man that he can sense where his symbiotes offspring is.

They find Cletus Kasady in the refrigerator, when he notices their presence and changes to Carnage instantly. They both attack him at once, but he gets them and hits them together before throwing them into the walls. This shows the immense strength of Carnage, and how he is more powerful than the combined powers of both Spider-Man and Venom. A woman underneath them starts complaing about the loud noises they are causing, so Carnage breaks the floor and grabs her baby. He throws it out the window making both Spider-Man and Venom jump after it. Venom got the baby with his web and they bring it back to the apartment, and find out Carnage has left, where also Spider-Man discovers a news article with J. Jonah Jameson on the cover with a hole in his head. The comic ends with Carnage jumping after J.J.J. exclaiming that he wants him dead.

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