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As the heroes travel in the repaired Moon Copter, Night Thrasher gets the idea to contact Nova over his helmet communicator. After Dr. Franklin finishes his revamp of Midnight, Lynn Church shows the doctors something on her forehead that convinces them to obey her and complete another task. Franklin checks in on Nova and notices that the transmission signal jammer is turned off, allowing the heroes to locate him through the helmet communicator. Leaving the still-shaken Punisher in the Copter, the heroes storm the headquarters. Church tells Midnight that the task she had the doctors perform deactivated his pain-inducer. When Midnight demands Secret Empire leadership in exchange for fighting the heroes, Number 7 tries to use the pain-inducer but the unaffected Midnight murders him. Midnight holds the heroes off, then he, Church, and the Empire members escape in a rocket. The heroes return to the Moon Copter to find the Punisher missing. They suspect he stowed away on the Empire's rocket.

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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