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Appearing in "Doom Service!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Doom Service!"Edit

Dr. Doom demands the Dragon's Egg, the stolen emerald, an occult gem once belonging to his mother. The Fox tells Doom he already sold it. Spidey intervenes, taking a beating, but allowing the Fox to escape. Outmatched, Spidey makes a bargain with Doom to find the gem in 24 hours. Fox goes to his fence, finding out he has passed the emerald to his buyer. Going to ESU, Peter hallucinates Uncle Ben who tells him he goes easy on the "father figure" Fox because of his guilt over Ben's death. Arriving at the lab, Peter passes out. Diagnosed with a concussion, Peter leaves the hospital against MJ's wishes and trails the Fox to Andrew Carpathian's estate where Carpathian and his Arcane Order of the Night use the Dragon's Egg to power a machine to bring the sentient swarm back to Earth. As the swarm coalesces. Spidey and the Fox attack. Doom arrives and Spidey, still woozy, snatches the emerald from the machine, dispersing the swarm. Spidey convinces Doom to spare the Fox. Doom destroys the Trask diamond instead. No longer inclined to go easy on him. Spidey carts the Fox off to jail.

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See AlsoEdit

Doctor Doom appeared last in Amazing Spider-Man # 349

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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