Quote1 Tell the slime you work for: Cardiac is here! Quote2
-- Cardiac

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As Spidey takes photos of a Sapirdyne Chemicals warehouse operation shipping legal cocaine-processing additives to South America, Cardiac breaks in, attempting to disrupt the drug trade by destroying the building. When Spidey stops him. Cardiac strikes back and escapes. Justin Hammer, secretly Sapirdyne's majority shareholder, learns of the raid and calls in Rhino to protect his interests. At Ryker's Island Prison, Eddie Brock's psychotic serial killer cellmate Cletus Kasady sees a dark figure at their top-floor cell window but it disappears when he investigates. Meanwhile, Cardiac infiltrates the Sapirdyne Chemical plant where the waiting Rhino batters him. Spidey, investigating Sapirdyne. intercedes, saving Cardiac. When Rhino uses live wires to shock Spidey into submission, Cardiac returns the favor. With Spidey still recovering, however. Cardiac releases flammable chemicals that flow toward the live wires. The three combatants escape before the building explodes. Hammer learns of Cardiac's attack, noticing that Spidey wants to stop him as well. He decides to put the web-slinger on the payroll.

Rhino goes back to his retro suit.

Solicit Synopsis:

The newest anti-hero on the block is Cardiac- and he's going after white collar criminals! Spider-Man is on hand to stop him, but who's going to deal with the rampaging Rhino?

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