Quote1 I'm through being Spider-Man, Doc! I want you to use your machine to remove my powers! Completely! Forever! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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Spidey prevents thieves from stealing a K-Mart store's payroll but gets tear-gassed in the process. This makes him worry about possible side-effects from Ock's drug sprayed in his face by Hobgoblin (in ASM #338, '90) and what would happen to May and MJ if something happens to him. Peter goes to the News Digest offices, JJJ's new venture, where Dr. Turner is seeking Spidey, apparently wishing to use a new invention to analyze his powers. Overhearing, Peter approaches Turner as Spidey. At his lab, Turner trains his lens matrix on Spidey. It temporarily removes his powers. Turner hopes Spidey will worry about his powers and return for further study. He knows just the women to instill that. Later, Spidey attends a ceremony at JFK airport at the request of an arriving Baltic Ambassador, who is attacked by the Femme Fatales. In the subsequent fight, Bloodlust rips Spidey's calf open with her claws and Knockout ignites the jet's fuel. More aware than ever how dangerous his life is and how unfair to May and MJ, Spidey goes to Dr. Turner and asks him to use his machine to remove his powers forever.

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