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The Sinister Six don't understand why Ock's poison hasn't killed Spider-Man. Ock reveals that it is actually a drug that causes extreme convulsions in cocaine users. Burundite is its antidote, and Ock expects the rich and powerful cocaine users to offer him enough influence in exchange for Burundite so that he can rule the world... alone. The Sinister Six flee, vowing revenge. Ock tosses his ray gun into Long Island Sound forcing Spidey to retrieve it to restore Sandman. Later, MJ tells Peter she received a note from Hal McGee, asking her to meet him on the "Secret Hospital" set. Dr. Swann tells Peter that Ock's drug is destroying the ozone layer. Peter discovers that Burundite will deactivate the effect. At the set, Jonathon Caesar confronts MJ with a knife. Learning the location from Sandman. Spider-Man goes to Ock's New Jersey hideout. At the set, Officer Goldman arrives and kills Caesar. As Spidey battles Ock, Goldman tells MJ he is only an NYPD file clerk but is her biggest tan. He admits being behind the attacks on the abusive "Secret Hospital" fan, Hal McGee, and Peter. When MJ rejects him. he points his gun at her. Believing Spidey's story about the threat to the ozone layer, Ock leaves him the Burundite and escapes. Meanwhile, MJ sprays Goldman in the face with hairspray and clobbers him with her purse. At Cordco, Thor takes Burundite into space, negating Ock's drug.

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