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Casino owner Raymond Trask has refused to join the Kingpin's organization so the mob boss hires Vulture to kill him and takes wagers on whether his assassin will succeed. Peter confronts Nathan about his satchel full of money. [1] Nathan admits he's cashed out his life insurance policy. Mob boss Mr. Grouper doesn't have faith in Vulture, so he hires Chance as back-up to kill Trask. Hoping to create a nest egg for May, the dying Nathan bets his money on Trask's death. Peter attends the grand opening of Trask's new casino yacht. May & Nathan attend separately. The Vulture attacks but Spider-Man steps in. Chance takes advantage and attacks Trask but Spidey webs up Chance's helmet and he flees, flying blind. The Vulture tries to take May hostage but Nathan leaps on his back. Vulture flies off with Nathan, who soon falls. Spidey catches him. Doc Ock arrives and gives the Vulture a lift in his hover jet. Nathan tells May his money is gone, leaving her with nothing. As May tells Nathan he's given her everything, his heart gives out and he dies.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see below for info. [2]

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