Quote1 Welcome to casa Venom, be it ever so humble... filthy... rat-infested...! Quote2
-- Venom

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Venom comes to Peter at May's house and challenges him to meet him in 24 hours at his abandoned subway tunnel hideout. MJ tells Peter that she signed a no contest agreement in the lawsuit against Jonathon Caesar because she couldn't bear spending months in court with him leering at her. The cost has already wiped out her savings. Styx & Stone stake out the subway tunnel and spot Spidey's arrival. As Spidey and Venom fight, Stone blasts Venom with his sonic beam. While Spidey avoids Styx's deadly hands. Stone pummels Venom with his nova beam, gas pellets, and strobe burst to no avail. Venom knocks Stone out but Styx touches him. apparently killing the symbiote. gaining such pleasure from the act that he allows Spidey to web him up. The motionless symbiote in his hands, Spidey can't believe the menace of Venom is ended.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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