Quote1 I wonder if the hearse has a siren? Quote2
-- Eddie Brock

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Black Cat attacks MJ and reveals her plan to break Flash Thompson's heart like Spidey broke hers. Warning MJ not to interfere when Spidey leaves her. the Cat departs. Meanwhile, Punisher prepares to take on the US Government. Elsewhere, two Vault medical examiners begin Eddie Brock's autopsy. When they cut him, the symbiote appears, having disguised itself as Brock's skin and simulating his death. Brock murders the examiners and escapes. As MJ lunches with her "Secret Hospital" co-stars, a fan of the show slaps her, believing her to be her character but is then run down and killed by a car that apparently accelerates intentionally. Punisher and Spidey track the cocaine stockpile to an upstate military academy. They learn from the commandant. Colonel Buchinsky, that the government believes cocaine, which never loses value, could become the new currency if the gold standard falls and are hoarding accordingly. While Spidey fends off the robot mechanoids guarding the cocaine, Punisher sets his charges and blows up the stockpile. Meanwhile, Officer Goldman tells MJ that Jonathan Caesar has been paroled.

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The conclusion of the two-part Punisher/Spidey saga! And Mary Jane confronts the Black Cat! Meanwhile— watch out for Venom!

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