Quote1 Eddie Brock is dead! Quote2
-- A guardsman

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The Punisher stops two drug couriers with an ambulance full of cocaine on a New Jersey road. Spidey wraps up some Kingpin dealers and the men who try to heist their product. Afterwards. Spidey reflects that cocaine is running dry in the streets despite the record amount being shipped into the country, forcing dealers to turn on each other. His only tip is that a ship carrying drugs docks in Brooklyn tomorrow. The next day, Eddie Brock is found apparently dead in his Vault cell after hanging himself. The symbiote is nowhere in sight. Microchip tells the Punisher about the Brooklyn shipment. Peter visits Aunt May only to find Nathan being rushed to the hospital. That night. Spidey runs into Punisher at the docks. They defeat the crew and Spidey finds an unmarked keycard on one of them. After Punisher sinks the ship and its cargo, he has Microchip analyze the card, discovering the culprit amassing all the drugs is the United States government.

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Spider-Man and the Punisher are both on the trail of a big-time drug dealer. You know how Spidey fights. You know how the Punisher fights. When the two meet, the result is explosive!

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