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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 325


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 325

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Quote1 You did a grand thing, son. Quote2
-- Captain America, to Spider-Man

Appearing in "Finale in Red!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Finale in Red!"Edit

An American Colonel denies Spider-Man security clearance despite Captain America's protests. Mary Jane tells him to get a train ticket to Washington DC anyway. The next day, Spider-Man breaks in to the Pentagon to Cap's surprise, but he can't allow Spidey to officially participate in the investigation. Taking a hint from Cap, Spider-Man lets the captive Major Weil escape and follows him to the National Archives where he fights his way through ULTIMATUM agents to discover Weil working with the Red Skull. The Skull explains he's been behind the plot to pit Symkaria and America against each other as a distraction so he can destroy America's historic documents, blaming Symkaria, which lines up with ULTIMATUM'S goal of destroying national borders and symbols. The Skull offers Spidey one million dollars to look the other way. Spidey refuses and battles ULTIMATUM, Watchdog, Resistant, and Sweatshop agents while the Skull escapes, preventing a bomb from destroying the documents by using a spider-tracer to keep the detonator switch from making contact. Returning to the Pentagon, Spider-Man gives the Colonel and Cap a recording he made of the Skull's confession, proof that Sable can take back to Symkaria. The Colonel thanks Spider-Man and apologizes for not clearing him earlier. Sable tells Spidey a cash reward will be waiting for him at the New York Symkarian Embassy and Cap congratulates him on a job well done.

  • This issue contains a letters page, "The Spider's Web". Letters are published from: Shane Hutchison, Lary B. (Bo) Graham, Matthew Forbes, and Phillip Jenson.
  • Final segment of "Assassin Nation Plot" storyline.

  • No trivia.

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