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Dr. Swann interrupts Peter testing his new webbing formula. Meanwhile, Harry calls Mary Jane to ask if she and Peter can help him move into his new SoHo loft. Spider-Man swings by Eat Well Caterers and sees bodies. He interrupts Paladin gaining information on the Life Foundation and helps him fight off some goons. He later asks Mary Jane to get them into a Life Foundation party for that night. At the party he follows Paladin, who follows Carlton Drake and Chakane to Brooklyn. Paladin attempts to abduct Chakane. but he's attacked by Life Foundation guards and Spider-Man intervenes. Chakane escapes. Silver Sable picks up Paladin and Spider-Man and explains that Chakane is an agent of a foreign government involved in a conspiracy against Symkaria and that Spider-Man allowed Chakane to escape by involving himself. Returning home, Peter accidentally overhears Aunt May talking to a doctor saying the heart disease will only allow six more months of life. He assumes it's May's prognosis.

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Paladin has a new client— Canton Drake of the life Foundation! Is money the only reason why Paladin's working for him? Spidey's out to find the answer to that, and to why Carlton Drake is secretly stocking his camp with every gun he can lay hands on! Guest-starring: Silver Sable

  • Felix the Cat appears on the cover (in the trash can). Todd McFarlane tried to hide Felix in every comic he penciled.

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